A System to Ensure Optimum Temperatures in Your Coolers

Stop guessing at the way your coolers and freezers should be run – and stop assuming that “well enough” is good enough. Bevchek’s proprietary temperature monitoring system Tempchek is simple and straightforward, designed to be another stream of real-time information for managers using Bevchek to make every ounce count.

Tempchek sensors are tested thoroughly to be accurate to a tenth of a degree under normal operating conditions. They provide a site with:

  • Real-time information: Knowing the current condition in coolers and freezers is as easy as logging in to your site’s customized Bevchek account and clicking the Tempchek tab.
  • Automated reporting: Mandated temperature checks are performed automatically, and the information is never out of reach of any internet-enabled device.
  • Reduction in cost: Through fine-tuning of cooling systems to stably achieve appropriate temperatures. Tracking changes in temperature gives a manager the information needed to correct a small problem before it becomes an expensive one.
  • Peace of mind: If temperature consistency is lost, an alert (email, text, MMS/SMS) can be sent to the appropriate member of the organization, who may then act swiftly to minimize loss.
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