Bevchek Monitoring

Real-time Flow and POS Sales Management System for Your Draft Beverages

The Industry Problem

The hospitality industry is historically plagued by a slippage problem that far exceeds any other business sector. A lack of employee responsibility and accountability results in the average hospitality establishment losing up to 25% of its beverage alcohol revenue – and traditionally, draft beer has always been the most difficult beverage to control.

Often referred to as the “Black Hole” of the bar business, many hospitality establishments have seen overpouring, waste, spillage, and outright theft become standard operating procedure in their draft beverage programs. But now, with the help of Bevchek’s beer management software, owners can finally account for every ounce as it is poured.

Bevchek System

Our unique, proprietary technology transmits real-time bar sales and usage data to POS Management Software that owners and operators can access through the Internet anytime, anywhere. Bevchek is easy to use, affordable and provides data that enables a manager to reduce slippage, monitor staff behavior, and save valuable revenue that otherwise might have gone down the drain – or walked out the door.


  • Beer control software reads usage volumes as they are poured
  • POS interface reads beverage sales data from all establishment POS machines
  • All data is then sent to Bevchek servers where it is sorted, stored and prepared for viewing
  • The user can access the data on any web-enabled device worldwide through secure access to our website
  • Measures ounces within 99% accuracy of what is actually poured
  • Provides real-time information updated every minute
  • Variance reports customizable to provide alerts via email or mobile phone if any reported pours exceed set parameters
  • Provides hospitality establishment owners with real-time product sales from their POS terminals relative to real-time pours measured through our advanced flow meter technology
  • Highlights slippage caused by theft, collusion or negligence and puts profits back into the pockets of the owners, instead of staff and customers

Bevchek Inc How it Works Flow Chart

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Bevchek has given us control over our draft costs like we've never had before. I wouldn't open a bar or restaurant without it. - Jonathan Myerow
Owner, Tria Cafés
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