Bevchek & Sculpture Hospitality Partnership Commences

Sculpture Hospitality, a leading liquor control company and Bevchek, a successful draft beer control system have joined forces

Sculpture Hospitality in Louisville, KY, the leading hospitality liquor solution company and Bevchek the leading draft beer quality monitoring company announced today that they are partnering creating the dominant comprehensive beverage management program for the restaurant and bar industry.

Sculpture Hospitality is known in the hospitality industry for their leading inventory control solution, Bevinco, which offers auditing services that are consultative in nature that help bar and restaurant owners manage their liquor inventory, generating significant profit improvement.

The Bevchek draft beer monitoring system provides bar and restaurant owners with detailed, real-time data comparing sales from their POS terminals relative to real-time pours captured through Bevchek’s advanced flow metering technology. The resulting data is delivered to owners and management in a meaningful format, optimizing their draft beer inventory to its fullest potential. The Bevchek system will replace Sculpture Hospitality’s current draft beer control solution, Intelitap.

Sculpture Hospitality and Bevchek are both committed to being the leaders in providing profitable and enduring inventory management programs, quality monitoring systems and profiit enhancement tools to the restaurant, bar and hospitality industry through an independent franchise distribution network. As partners, the two companies will provide the highest quality, comprehensive bar management solution available in the marketplace. Both companies will service and consult with clients through Sculpture Hospitality’s vast international network of franchisees. Clients will have the unique benefit of having local representatives providing hands-on training, support, and customer service worldwide.

“We are delighted with the partnership. We want to continue to upgrade our service offerings with the best products available. Bevchek allows us to do just that”, says Dan Smith, CEO of Sculpture Hospitality.

Stephen Anaka, CEO of Bevchek complements, “We are extremely excited about this partnership with Sculpture Hospitality and look forward to benefitting from the years of experience, success, and leadership that the Sculpture Hospitality franchise network has to offer.”

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