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Celebrating 11 Years in the Global Beer Industry with 4.3 Billion Pints Monitored


At Bevchek we are proud to provide the hospitality industry with the world’s first real-time and most progressive draft beer monitoring and management system. Our full range of technology delivers comprehensive solutions for all aspects of beverage management empowering managers to maximize their draft beer and make every ounce count.


Our team of dedicated service professionals provide 24-hour support to our clients and partners worldwide. We offer direct training as a commitment to ensure successful beverage management in every venue. Draft beverage quality and consistency is calculated by the minute at the highest caliber thereby improving the guest experience. Long-term technology advancement is of the utmost importance to us to continue to be the global leader in our industry.

Bevchek provides restaurant and bar owners with a comparison between real-time sales from their Point of Sale (POS) terminals and pours captured through our advanced flow meter technology. The resulting data is delivered to owners and management through meaningful tables and reports, accessible anytime from a computer or hand-held device.

The challenge to restaurant and bar operators trying to implement controls is doing so without impacting their guests’ experience. Bevchek has achieved this through their beer monitoring technology that works in the background and is virtually invisible to both bar staff and guests. By providing operators with a simplified data reporting mechanism that highlights slippage and data trends on a minute-by-minute basis, Bevchek’s real-time, web-based system helps create operational transparency, complete accountability, prevents bar theft and maximizes bar profits.


Draft beverage monitoring & management
Real-time data online
Time stamping of all pours & sales
Track staff trends per shift, venue or company
Variance product reports showing loss
Monitor multiple locations
Graphical & data analysis reporting
Data warehousing for life
Real-time pour cost
Beer inventory management system
User access levels
SMS/Email/PDA alerts at set parameters
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Our goal is to provide the most advanced comprehensive draft services by the minute around the globe.