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We’re proud to provide the hospitality industry with the world’s first real-time draft monitoring and management system. Our full range of proprietary technology delivers comprehensive solutions for all aspects of beverage management — if it flows, we track it and tell you about it. And we’re confident you can utilize that data to help your location make every single ounce of your inventory count.

Here’s a little more about us.

Our Story

Built in the beer business and born in breweries on the West Coast, our founders ventured to answer a simple question for their business locations: “Are we being paid for each pint of draft beer being poured?” Such an easy thing to say, but almost impossible to answer in the world of Hospitality – where bartenders and staff often look at draft beer as disposable, and managers struggle with a product they find impossible to track. When staff view draft as the easiest thing to give away, theft through commission or laziness becomes common.

So we started building products that could monitor draft beer flow in real-time, in an age when “cloud” capabilities had not yet changed computing. After understanding what was going through the draft beer lines, the next step was to pair sales information to the real-life activities of the draft taps — an accounting system that allowed management to observe operations at a micro- or macro-level.

Since then, we’ve come a long way – we’ve developed over 100 custom-built Point-of-Sale integrations; we’ve added clients on all 6 continents; we’ve installed at rock joints and wine bars and Irish pubs and hockey stadiums. We’ve learned from our mistakes to build a product we can be proud of – and we’ve tracked over 7 billion pints of beer. Bevchek was built for beer, and we think we can help your location Make Every Ounce Count.

Our Partners

Sculpture Hospitality

Sculpture has been pioneering efficiencies in the inventory control process and helping bars and restaurants to drive profit growth since 1977.

Molson Coors

For more than two centuries Molson Coors has been brewing beverages that unite people for all of life’s moments.

Oracle Corporation

Oracle was founded in 1977 and is one of the leading technology companies in the world – dominating the world of established technologies such as Point-of-Sale solutions.


TouchBistro was founded in 2010 and with their iPad POS and integrated payments solution powering over 25,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries, TouchBistro is changing the way restaurateurs do business.

GS Draft Systems

If you are looking to add a new Draft Beer System for On-Premise Consumption or for Off-Premise Consumption in Growlers and Crowlers, GS Draft is your One-Stop Shop for Turnkey Solutions


Whether you need simple mobile payment technology or a fully-integrated restaurant management system, SpotOn works with you to customize the right set of tools for your business.

Profit Management

Througout Scandinavia, Profit Management is a leader in delivering solutions, tools and methodologies for better profitability within the hotel and restaurant industry.

Shift 4

Shift4 handles every aspect of the commerce ecosystem to deliver a seamless, streamlined payments experience. Give your business a competitive edge with mobile POS and contactless technology that deliver speed and convenience.


A developer and manufacturerer of Swiss quality precision flow sensors, Digmesa is dedicated to the development of solutions that help sustain and grow their clients’ businesses.


At NETGEAR, they turn ideas into innovative networking products that connect people, power businesses, and advance the way we live. Easy to use. Powerful. Smart. And designed just for you.

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“We realized that our slippage was 20‐30%; with the more popular brands coming in around 25%, Bevchek gave us the data we needed to pinpoint slippage and link results with other operational factors like time periods & staffing. Results have been great. We achieved our objective of reducing slippage to less than 5% and have Bevchek installed in all our locations.”

Mike Gaston | MIS Director, Copper Cellar Family of Restaurants

“A few months after we installed Bevchek, we had law enforcement show up looking to question whether we had over-served an individual who had paid and left our establishment around 8:00pm, proceeded to visit a few other bars and then, unfortunately, chose to drive himself home and caused an accident. We simply showed the authorities what had been poured and sold to that individual and the time-stamps from our Bevchek website — and they said, ‘Thank you, have a nice day.'”

Dave Williams | Owner, Dave’s Bar & Grill

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