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Unleash the Full Profit Potential of Your Draft Beer Program

7.1 Billion

Pints of beer monitored by Bevchek so far


Average decrease in draft loss per location with Bevchek


Average saved by a client using Bevchek systems

43 Days

Average payback period for installing Bevchek in a location

Reduce Waste. Increase Yield. Monitor Performance. Increase Profits.

You probably don’t have a huge support staff to watch the pennies – customer by customer, pour by pour. Over time, those pennies add up. And, as we like to say, Every Ounce Counts. Whether you have four taps or forty, the Bevchek Draft Management Solution watches each detail so you can focus on managing your business.

Mobile Dashboard +
Custom Alerts

See real-time information no matter where you are on your computer, tablet, or phone. And since you don’t have time to stay glued to your phone, you can configure the system to notify you when something goes wrong.

Account for
Every Pour 

Bevchek talks to your POS to make sure that when a beer is poured, it’s also rung in within a specific period of time. Make sure your employees are charging for every drink (or giving comps based on your predefined approval levels.)


You set your pricing and target pour cost based on a consistent pour every time. Bevchek allows you to inspect what you expect. You decide how much variance you’ll tolerate. Bevchek will give you the tools to monitor and investigate exceptions.

Maximize Yield &
Reduce Cost 

With Bevchek you can achieve higher keg yield and drive down spillage and pour cost. A combination of more accurate pours and temperature monitoring help you squeeze all of the profits out of every last drop.

“Before we put the Bevchek in, we were losing up to 4,000 oz. per week of our draft beer – just inventory poured down the drain. After we got rolling with Bevchek, we were seeing weeks with only 100-200 oz. of waste! If I open another bar, the first call I make will be to Bevchek.”

Dave Williams | Owner, Dave’s Bar & Grill

“Bevchek has given us control over our draft costs like we’ve never had before. I wouldn’t open a bar or restaurant without it.”

Jonathan Myerow | Owner, Tria Cafés

Technically Speaking

General Bevchek Questions

Why choose Bevchek?

14 years, 7.1 billion pints and 35 nations. We value each and every client relationship and our team is always working to maintain them, constantly improve our services and stay ahead of developments in the industry.

How soon can I get Bevchek set-up?

The actual install only takes a couple of weeks however, it is dependent on obtaining data from your site and getting everything coordinated including training sessions based on availability.

Is there a multi-site discount?

Absolutely, but this ranges based on type, style, and form of a restaurant. Please contact us for more information.

Is there a agreement?

The agreement with Bevchek ranges from 90 days to 5 years.

What forms of payment are accepted?

The initial hardware and installation costs can be paid by ACH, credit card or by mailing in a company check.

Bevchek Monitoring Questions

Is the hardware made from food-grade materials?

Absolutely, we only use FDA approved materials for the hospitality business.

Does Bevchek integrate with my POS?

Yes, Bevchek integrates to 150+ POS types and most of them in real-time which means data reports every minute of every day automatically. We integrate with a new POS system every week and have generic integrations for systems we don’t cover yet.

Who does the initial set-up with my different keg sizes, flavors and costs?

We complete of all of these things for you as part of the project management process. It is important for us to get your system up and running successfully in a short period of time.

Do the flow meters cause foaming?

Absolutely not. We are a beer company first and foremost. People will notice beer foam a little more when we first start simply because they are watching the beer so closely. Tracking to the hundredth of an ounce is pretty precise stuff and we see it all.

Do the flow meters change the flavor of the beverages?

Absolutely not. Your draft beverages will remain as delicious as always!

What beverages can you track?

Bevchek tracks any draft products including beer, cider and wine.

Will it tell me when I need to re-order beer? How?

Bevchek can track inventory in real-time and allow you to understand what you have in your kegs at any moment. You can ensure you maintain set levels of beer on site at all times.

What happens if one of the flow meters stops working? How long does it take to get back up?

With a lifetime warranty, you never have to worry about the cost of flow meters. If the flow meter fails, we’ll send you a new one. Shipping takes only a few days and you can easily change it out on your own with help from our support desk.

What is your hardware warranty?

Bevchek offers a variety of warranties based on your preference.

Do you have a technical support line?

24/7/365, in your country. Please call us 24/7 about system questions or if we can just help you with your draft system at +1 (877) 707-9020.

What reports can I obtain from the data collected?

There are endless ways to look at our data! If you can dream a way to look at beer data, we have active graphing, canned reports and custom reports for you to use. If we don’t have something, let us know. Viewing the data in a way that is effective to you is vital to your success with our system and we want to ensure that happens.

Can I monitor multiple bars at the same time?

Of course. Bevchek is designed with aggregate data in mind. We have to give you the maximum amount of information in a minimum amount of time. Just check the score for your whole company then decide if you need more details. User access levels make it easier for members of your team to see what they need.

What do I have to do when I do a line cleaning?

Nothing. The system can detect line cleaning and respond to this information appropriately. No box to turn off, no manual adjustment.

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