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Monitoring at Scale


Draft beer flow meters currently monitored by Bevchek

7.1 Billion

Pints of beer (and counting) monitored by Bevchek


Total saved by clients using the Bevchek systems

2 Months

Average payback period for installing Bevchek in a location

Unparalleled Visibility.
Actionable Insights. 

Managing operations and loss prevention for restaurants and bars is a never ending conflict between what HQ wants and the location can manage. Bevchek enables enterprise-level insights while providing amazing details that your GMs and Bar Managers will love.

Permission-Based Dashboards
& Reporting

Give everyone the info they need to effectively manage revenue, vendor negotiations, and loss prevention at the level they control. HQ, Region, Location.

Quantify Loss &
Revenue Opportunity

What are you really giving up in revenue, margin, and cost? Empower your loss prevention and site management teams with the specific info they need to stop losses and increase margins.

Master Vendor

Understand what every supplier and vendor is doing for you and your customers. Gain insights to negotiate better pricing and determine site-level performance based on brewer and label.

Do More
With Less

Amplify and extend the productivity of local and regional management teams to minimize losses and maximize profits with the information they need to protect the company’s assets. 

“We realized that our slippage was 20‐30%; with the more popular brands coming in around 25%, Bevchek gave us the data we needed to pinpoint slippage and link results with other operational factors like time periods & staffing. Results have been great. We achieved our objective of reducing slippage to less than 5% and have Bevchek installed in all our locations.”

Mike Gaston | MIS Director, Copper Cellar Family of Restaurants

Technically Speaking

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time?

Although of course our Bevchek clients operate differently across many different markets and industries, the system has been designed to easily enable a typical management stakeholder to spend approximately 2-4 minutes per shift – enough time to quickly check the Bevchek app or desktop platform for any irregularities, make on-the-fly adjustments to stock or inventory levels, and quickly get back to other management duties.

Does Bevchek have experience in execution and implementation for corporate programs?

Absolutely – we regularly ‘roll out’ companies of 5-10 sites and have implemented comprehensive brand-wide distributions of various Bevchek products for multi-unit operations with dozens or hundreds of locations. Our implementation team addresses each new rollout as a symbiotic process that allows flexibility for the distinctive needs of every new Bevchek client.

How does Bevchek address my organization's security concerns?

Bevchek’s proprietary flow-monitoring hardware and communication system are intended to be installed and operated completely outside the local venue’s IT network and other security apparatus – utilizing a cellular connection which reports directly to the Bevchek servers without requiring access to the local intranet. Depending on the Point-of-Sale solution favored by a client, we are also capable of offsite hosting and otherwise managing the sales data in a manner compliant with PCI and other relevant security standards.

How can my organization utilize Bevchek's data on an enterprise level?

While each client is different in their needs and objectives, Bevchek’s team will help identify organizational priorities and match feature sets within the system. In general, some of Bevchek’s best features have come from suggestions and requests from our Enterprise and Multi-Unit Client groups – so please, don’t hesitate to ask!

Does Bevchek offer access levels and data customization?

The Bevchek user database can be adjusted to grant access to reporting and alerting for individual locations and multi-unit chains, as well as overarching corporate access to view trends and other data across multiple brands and concepts. Reports can be tailored for any level of granularity that a client organization requires – from “bartender” level access, which allows local staff to monitor their own success within the draft program, all the way up to corporate reporting that allows a ‘bird’s eye view’ of draft trends across many units in several different markets or regions.

Sure this works at a pub, but how about a stadium?

Bevchek’s proprietary hardware system has been designed with multi-unit operators, including stadiums and event centers, in mind – our hardware can be installed across a stadium platform and provide data for each revenue center individually and independently; meaning that from the point of view of the Bevchek System, a stadium is no different functionally than a series of pubs that happen to be in the same (very large) building. We have strived specifically to provide this solution for stadium and venue concession operators because there are no other viable options on the market for these operators to properly manage their draft beverage programs.

Will my organization receive preferential pricing if we bring on multiple units at once?

Bevchek is an independently owned and operated company, so we have the latitude to make pricing and partnership decisions on a case-by-case basis. When a client can provide the added stability and clarity that comes with multiple guaranteed installations, we can respond with the flexibility of lower cost provisioning to implement multiple installations with a lower effective price point to the enterprise client.

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