System Specifications

Beer Requirements

  • CO2 fed beer system properly balanced
  • At least four feet (4’) of restriction tubing before the shank (tap head)
  • Two (2) pints of beer per tap to test and calibrate the system

Hardware Requirements

  • 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, or 1/2” ID tubes made of poly, poly barrier or vinyl tubing
  • All beer lines within a twenty (20) foot radius of the end of each Cat5e cable going to the office
  • 1 x cable run from the office to the cooler for each master control panel (MCP) as determined by Bevchek Project Management
  • Unshielded CAT5e, RJ45, 568B, terminated male, straight through cable
  • One 120 volt dedicated/isolated clean power outlet in the office for power per MCP (NA standard 110V)
  • Beer cooler within three hundred (300) feet of office computer

Technical Requirements

  • Stable cable-internet connection
  • A computer tower either as part of the POS computer system or other
    • 32-bit operating system (Win XP Pro, Windows Server 2008, WIN7, WIN8)
    • 1GB of RAM, 150 megabytes of storage space on the location POS computer
    • NET Framework 3.5 or greater
    • A free USB port for every 64 beer taps in the building
    • Network access to the following IP addresses: all http and https access (port 80 and 443)
      • For the Web-Services:;;
      • For the Web Server:;
    • Also sold separately if needed
  • For a complete list of POS integrations please ask your local Bevchek Representative
    • For current Point of Sale integrations – access to the Point of Sale computer on four (4) separate occasions to install the software
    • For new Point of Sale integrations – access to the Point of Sale computer each day at two (2) set times for a four (4) week period

Hardware Specifications


Flow velocity:                              0.5 to 20 liters per minute

Temperature:                             -20 to +90 °C

Operating pressure:                16 bar

Max. pressure:                           40 bar

Process connections:              3/8″ hose barb

Excitation:                                    5 to 24 VDC, 12 to 24 mA

Power consumption:              12 to 36 mA/s

Output frequency:                   100 to 2000 Hz

K-Factor:                                        +/- 6100 pulse/liter

Length cable:                              10 feet standard

Restriction:                                  0.2 lbs

Material:                                        HDP-A and 304 stainless steel

Temperature Sensors

Range:                                             -25C°to100°C

Accuracy:                                       < 0,1°C + NTC-spread over -20° to 70°C

Resolution:                                   2 m°C@30°C and 25 m°C@100°C

Type:                                                5 kOhm NTC-resistors

Max wire resistance:              3,3 Ohm

Conditioner:                                 Wheatstone-bridge with +15 bits ADC

Calibration:                                  0°C and 100°C _ 0,1°C

Drift:                                                1 m°C/°C with periodic calibration | 5 m°C/°C without calibration

Scan frequency:                         Default max. 10 meas./s

Amb temperature:                   0° to 60°

Control:                                          Micro-WireTM 5 (Di, Do, Clk en CS)

Levels:                                             0 and 5 Volt

Power:                                             +12 Volt 3,5 mAmp (+5,5 to +20 Volt)

Dimensions:                                224 x 120 x 60 + 40 mm


Chassis footprint:                     4.481″ x 2.493″ x 1.368″

Communication protocol:   RS-232

3-pin molex ports:                    16

Hardware connectivity:        RS-232

Data connection:                      RJ45

Pin use:                                           (568B) 2, 3, 5, 7,8

Power connectivity:                3.6mm sheath negative

Excitation:                                    12 VDC, 500 mA

Supply source:                            Cate5, 3.6mm jack external optional

Chassis label:                              Yes, “Bevchek”, “Cat5e”, “12vDC”, “1..16”

Chassis material:                      Plastic, powder coat

Chassis external ports:         4

Direct cut chassis mounting flanges:                Yes, 4

External notification:             Yes, red pulse, green pulse

CAT5e Cables

Type:                                                Category 5e unshielded (Cat5e)

Process connect:                       RJ45 termination end

Layout:                                           Male operating

Temperature:                             32°F to 140°F

Storage temperature:            -4°F to 176°F


Chassis footprint:                     1.54″ x 2.65″ x 0.75″

Chassis label:                              Yes, “Bevchek”

Chassis material:                      Plastic

Communication protocol:   RS-232

Conversions:                               RJ45, DB9 (open)

Hardware connectivity:        RS-232

Data connection:                      RJ45

Pin count:                                      9

Pin use:                                           2,3,5,7,8; RXD, TXD, GND, NEG

POS excitation:                          12 VDC, 500 mA

Supply source:                            External wall adapter

Chassis external ports:         2, direct cut

Serial to USB Adapter Cable

Interface:                                      Serial

Port style:                                     Cable adapter ports

Bus type:                                       USB 2.0

Industry standards:                USB 1.1/2.0 RS232

Chipset ID:                                    Prolific – PL-2303

Connector types:                      DB-9 (9 pin; D-Sub) male; USB A (4 pin) male

Max baud rate:                          921.6 Kbps

Serial protocol:                          RS-232

FIFO:                                                 192 bytes

Cable length:                               12″

Enclosure type:                          Plastic

Product length:                          14.6” (370 mm)

Product width:                           1.3” (34 mm)

Product height:                          0.7“ (18 mm)

Product weight:                         2.9 oz (81.6 g)

Operating temperature:      32°F to 140°F

Storage temperature:            -4°F to 176°F

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